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Sending Large Files By Mail

Years ago, I mentioned Dropload and YouSendIt as ways to easily mail large files to someone. Since then, I came across several alternatives. Most recently, LifeHacker took a look at some services.

Saying these services are a way to mail large files is not quite correct of course. You don't really mail anything except a donwload link. Your files are uploaded to a website and stored there. Not the safest thing to do, so make sure you are not sharing any private or copyrighted data. Saying you are sharing files is more correct than saying you are mailing them. Most of these services have a limit of 100 MB per uploaded file. Some allow storage of many GB's, but still impose the 100 MB/file limit. This is rather annoying if you want to mail share a larger file. Not all home videos are small and low quality, after all.

Filemail is currently in beta and it lets you share up to 2 GB with a free account. Simply upload the file, enter the address of the recipient and press send. If you worry about sharing any email addresses, leave the email blank and press send. This way you will get a download link that you can mail to the recipient yourself.

When you upload files, you can opt to set a password. You can also decide how many days the download should be available, and how often the file can be downloaded. Notification of 'pick up' is also available. It looks like premium accounts include the option of encrypting files on the server. I have no clue how reliable that is, since you probably still have to upload them unencrypted first.

Overall, I found filemail extremely easy to use, the first time I gave it a try. I like being able to set an expiration for the files I upload. At least that gives me the illusion of not polluting the net with my crap.

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