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01 February 2015

Add Watermark To Pictures On Android

A relative of mine wants to post pictures to Facebook but does not like Facebook's terms of service that state it can use uploaded images for all kinds of nefarious purposes. OK OK, it probably says something slightly different, but that is the way many people interpret the terms. Adding a watermark to pictures is seen as an acceptable compromise: post the pictures, but make it unattractive for Facebook to use the pictures for any commercial purposes. Since most pictures are taken on cell phones, the easiest way to add a watermark is through an app.

One app to add watermarks to pictures on Android phones is ... “Add Watermark” (what's in a name). It comes in both a free and paid version. The free version will be more than sufficient for most people wanting to just include a watermark before sharing. However, the full version is just $1.99 and it offers extras like easier sharing, better image size, and support of EXIF data. Although if I were to care enough about privacy to add a watermark to my pictures, I certaily would not want EXIF data included in the resulting picture. Which is why I also unchecked this option in the free version, even if I am not sure if it matters. I did check the resulting picture and it did not include the EXIF data.

The free version has all the options I need at this point. It lets me create my own text, change the opacity of the watermark text, and rotate the watermark. The only downside is having to save pictures to internal storage, as the app lacks the permission to access my external storage, that holds all the cam pictures. This is not necessarily a bad thing though. I set up the default save folder to internal and now all is well. Best of all, this app does not need any network permissions, the only permission it needs is to access your photos. Which makes sense, right?

Of course posting to Facebook is not the only reason you may want to add a watermark. You could just use it to add a copyright message before sending newsworthy shots to news networks or uploading pics to Flickr or other photo sharing sites.

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02 February 2014

Snap Links Plus To Select Multiple Checkboxes

This Firefox add-on saves me time and frustration!

Every once in a while, I end up on a web page with either a ton of links I want to click, or a ton of checkboxes I have to tick. Tired of doing this all manually, I now use the Firefox add-on Snap Links Plus. With this add-on, you can right-click and drag a rectangle to select multiple links or checkboxes to have them open (in the case of links) or to (un) check/tick them (checkboxes) all in one go. Don't like right-clicking or don't like the default actions? Change the settings, the add-on is quite versatile.

My main use for this right now: checking boxes in surveys.

As always, this add-on will not work with every site. I have noticed it does not work with Gmail's checkboxes. But when it does work, it saves me time and (even more important) keeps me from getting frustrated.

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06 December 2013

Bitcoin Buying With iDeal

(Note: this is not an introduction to Bitcoins (BTC). If you want that, there are plenty of sites around, including Wikipedia. This is aimed at people like me, who have heard about it, read about it, know what mining and wallets are all about, and then wonder what the heck it all means in reality and what would be the easiest and least technical way to get started.)

So, you read all those stories about Bitcoins and how people are making a ton of money from 'mining' coins that magically appear? It seemed like a good idea to get in on this, until you found out there is no chance at all that you will ever 'mine' your own coins? Not unless you are willing to buy dedicated mining machines and have free electricity, that is. Isn't that just too bad and annoying? Or maybe this is actually for the best. After all, most economics and banking experts keep telling you Bitcoins are just a fad, a pyramid scheme, a bubble that will eventually burst.

Bubble about to burst or not, it is really tempting to get involved in the Bitcoin craze, hoping to get some coins and then see if they increase in value, so you can get more bang for your coin, so to speak. Since mining really is out of the question for us dummies, the only option is to buy (or beg for) some coins. But here's the rub: if you want to buy coins, your options are extremely limited. There is no way to buy coins using traditional means such as credit cards or PayPal. Why? Well, not (just) because Bitcoins may be seen as shady or as competition by those services. But because payments by credit card and PayPal can be reversed by the buyer (i.e. you). Bitcoins are fairly anonymous and payments are non-reversible. And no exchange would risk selling you coins for cash, only to have you reverse your payment. This is also why big exchanges require you to mail photo-ID and give them your bank account info.

If you live in the Netherlands, are a Dutch buyer, and/or have a Dutch bank account, there is an easier way to buy coins: payment by iDEAL, which is also non-reversible. There are currently two sites I am aware of: Bitonic and Bitmymoney. Bitonic will also buy BTC. It will transfer the money to you by bank transfer, but only to IBAN accounts in the SEPA zone (i.e. the EU).

Oh, one thing. If you are considering investing in BTC, make sure graphs like these don't scare you!


Speaking of begging for coins, if you actually buy some and feel generous, you can donate here: :) 1NZ65LewNeQgc66iY3nzk6npwtSiNZLxUP

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05 December 2013

Hello Old Friend

Many years ago I had to say goodbye to my favorite watch. It died on me and I was unable to find the same one anywhere. Not surprising, since it was an old watch from the 90's. This was in 2005.

Fast-forward 8 years to today and for the first time ever I clicked an add in one of my RSS feeds. Why? Because I did not recognize it as an ad and all I saw was my favorite watch! Turns out Casio has an entire 'classics' line that has a ton of old favorites. My old watch is now available on Amazon as well. Christmas comes early this year :) (then again, today is Sinterklaas>, which is the traditional gift-giving day in the Netherlands, so this is very appropriate).

[Buy] Casio DB380 Watch

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24 November 2013

NumZumZero - My First Game

Although I have never really considered myself a 'creative' person, I do take pleasure in some types of creation. Case in point, this blog. And way before this, I used to write and share a couple of D&D adventures. Every once in a while I would also get a vague idea for a new board or card game. Nothing ever came of this, until last year.

My latest attempt to create a game did not end with just a vague idea, but turned into a very basic but playable first draft. Simple rules, simple game play, something quick and easy that people can pick up and play for a few minutes while waiting for friends to arrive to hang out. I figured I might as well try and turn it into an actual game for others to play. But this would require getting it published. Professional game publishers have quite difficult submission processes and they get a lot of submissions since board and card games are hot again. This did not seem like the way to go for me.

Of course it would be easy to just write the rules and put up the graphics for the game pieces and have people print their own copy. But this is not quite what I had in mind. I wanted to feel more like I was “publishing” the game for real, if that makes sense. And then I found The Game Crafter, a web site that lets you create, publish and sell your own game. So this is what I did. I will not make a lot of money selling the game since the production costs are too high to make a real profit. Which is probably also the reason why getting your game published through an official/professional games publisher is pretty near impossible. Still, I will be happy even if I just get some people to like the game.

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13 October 2013

Happy Anniversary To Me!

Oops. Looks like I missed the 10 year anniversary of this blog. Probably a clear indication of how little I have blogged over the past year(s). I wonder if I'll get back to a more frequent posting routine ... stay tuned to find out :)

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23 May 2013

Old Flickr Layout Bookmarklet and Userscript

Many people hate the new Flickr design. It turns out there is a trick to show photo streams in a layout more similar to the old version. I read about it here and decided to turn it into something easier to use. I made this to help my gf who also hates the new layout.

This is a bookmarklet you can use. Click to add the required "?details=1“ to any page you want. Of course it will only work on pages that support this. It may break other pages. Just add this link to your favorites: Flickr Details. Every time you want to see the detailed version of the page, click the bookmarklet.

For those using Greasemonkey, there is also a simple userscript that will do the same. To install:
Open this page and copy all text (ctrl-a, ctrl-c): script
Open Greasemonkey and select New User Script
Click Use Script From Clipboard

The user script is based on this thread.

All this comes with no guarantees, no support, and with a ”enjoy it while it works" message. I'm a tad too busy with other stuff these days, but I figured since I created this anyway, I might as well share it.

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22 July 2012

Organized Donations

Every once in a while I find myself wanting to donate to programmers or charities, but I find the process annoying. A central service to handle all donations would be very useful.

I use a lot of free software. Very often these are open source applications or free games. A dozen Firefox add-ons, and many 'utility' programs on Windows. Even though these are free, there are many authors (programmers) that will gladly accept donations. And when a program is very useful, I like to donate. However, when I decide to donate, it is a bit of hassle to go look for the proper site, go through the entire process of entering payment details (credit card, Paypal, or whatever else is used). You see, donating usually happens after using the programming for a while, not when I first download it. At that time I am not sure yet if it will be useful.

When I make an (admittedly small) donation, spending over five minutes to have it processed is tiresome. Even more so if I want to make donations to several authors. Donating to five authors could easily take fifteen minutes.

A similar thing happens when I want to donate to charity. I have a hard time picking a specific charity or there are too many charities that seem to 'deserve' my money. I never know when I feel like I can afford to donate, or when the urge strikes. When it does, I want to donate without having to find the site.
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28 May 2012

EU Cookie Directive requires site changes

In May of 2011, the EU decided on a regulation requires consent from site visitors before a web site can store cookies on the visitor's computer. There was a grace period for site owners to find a way to ask for this consent. And of course, by now most sites still do not comply with the regulations.

Since I am very interested in the issues of privacy and tracking myself, I want to at least make an attempt to comply with the regulation. The problem is, each EU country can implement the regulation in its own way, so it is hard to figure out exactly what to do. It seems like the UK approach is fairly strict and since I host my site in the UK, I figure I should try to implement consent this way. If it the UK approach is indeed more strict than Dutch regulations, I figure it is better to go with the most strict option.

So, starting today you will notice a little 'pop up' type of banner at the top of your page on every visit if you do not consent to cookie use. The banner will disappear after 20 seconds. If you do not accept and continue, non-essential cookies will not be used. Right now, the only cookies this applies to are those of Google Analytics. If you do accept, the site will use non-essential cookies and the banner will disappear. Ironically, it disappears because it sets a cookie that stores your consent. I am using code for this consent script from this site.

Please note: if you visit and then go to, you may have to give consent again. And of course if your browser blocks cookies or if you clear cookies, you will have to give consent again next time you visit. Ah, don't you just love regulations?

I urge you to read up on cookies and online privacy in general. You may want to find out how to change your browser settings to handle cookies in a way you are comfortable with. There are some links on my privacy page. And of course you can always keep an eye on the privacy posts on this blog.

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11 July 2011

Fast Archiving With XXCOPY

We all know archiving files and making frequent backups is important to prevent data loss. But backing up files can be such a hassle. Quite often we limit ourselves to an infrequent backup at best.

For those of us who are quite actively creating content, a more frequent back up practice is important. But I feel it is not important enough to back up my entire system. After all, 80% of the stuff will be the same every time. That's all Windows operating system stuff. What really matters, are my pictures and documents. Instead of using a full fledged cloning program to create back ups of these files, I find a program like XXCOPY much easier to use. And “easy” means “I may actually do this”.
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